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Yachts are the typical ‘rich man’s toy’ and every millionaire worth his salt has a yacht to his collectibles, where there are parties hosted, receptions and board meetings conducted and several other snazzy events organized. Indeed, living life aboard a yacht is a pleasure. You do not have to buy a yacht in order to be able to live in it; there are a couple of yachts on rent too in various places in the world. If you have a few hundred dollars, you can spend a day or two amidst the extravagance and opulence that a conventional yacht might offer you.

Read on to know more about yachts and what they have on offer.

Wonderful rooms in the yacht

A yacht is almost like a hotel offering you a penthouse. You have balconies with undisputed views of the sea, the decks from where you can study the arriving coastlines, state rooms where there is plush bedding, replete with duvets and pillows fit for a mansion. There are mini bars where you have the choicest of wines stocked for you to drink with pleasure. The entire yacht is done in tasteful décor and you have an exotic blend of colors, shades and palettes to savor in each room.

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